Microsoft offers $10,000 travel voucher for Skype “Stay Together” story

If you can look past the irony of a Microsoft competition about connecting people all around the world open only to US residents, you could win a $10,000 United Airlines travel voucher for simply using Skype.

Last month Skype launched a new advertising website called “Stay Together” with a series of intriguing stories based around people using Skype to stay in touch with distant family, relatives or friends.

There’s a particularly interesting one about Lindsay from Alabama who traveled to Australia and unexpectedly became a zoo keeper. After returning to the US, she uses Skype to keep in touch with wombats, kangaroos, koalas and the Aussie zoo owner family who she now considers her extended family.

For the competition, the website is accepting user submissions of their own “Stay Together” stories. There’s over 370 submissions so far and users can read and vote on. Currently the most voted story is a soldier deployed in Iraq who stays in touch with his sister using Skype.

Competition closes soon on July 22, 2013.


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